Wheat Knitting or cardigan Pattern for Ladies, Gents or Baby sweater

Welcome Friends, Nisixom Today I have introduced a single color design. Look out This design will be made in this way. It is like a grain of wheat Just like the torn ticks. That is the kind of wheat grains. Very simple design This design will give you Four will be completed in the silhouette. And to create this, the three of the three must be trapped So see How to make this design First sewing we Make perfect Here we have completed the first row. Now is the turn of second row Trunk Which will make the inverse We have completed the second row Now is the turn of the third row We will take the first trick Two trapped thieves We like this Beadle In this way Look out In this way we Needle is inserted And so on We will remove this from And these two loopholes Straight bunge another These two hooves became straight. This is what is trapped in the middle The pulse is turned out. I am trying to show off We’ll get it off Look again, in the third trunk Insert needle in such a way And so on We’ll get out, and straighten the paddies Make Will take Look again This will put the needle in the third trunk And so on And make these two loops straight Then we In the third trunk we will insert a needle And by going out we, then we We will take these two trunks directly From which we will get rid of the needle, we will give it the same end We do not knit him Then we will put a needle in the third trunk Then we will remove Make both ends together We will make these two tricks straight We’ll make it again Then we will straighten the two Now all the silaiya vomiting from the opposite side After making friends, you will feel like this This design will be made in this way How beautiful this design looks Look out Small jaliya bani will come And like the grains of wheat This design will be made Is a very beautiful design If you like my video Subscribe to Like, And do not forget to press the belt icon Thank you Friends!

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