“Unflattering” Clothes I Love Wearing

Hi everyone, welcome back to My Green Closet. Today’s video is about the unflattering clothes that I love to wear. Now I’ve talked before about how I really don’t like these rules around what you can and can’t wear depending on your body and skin tone. I think they can be useful if you’d like a bit of direction but too often people won’t even try something that they really like because at some point they were told that that’s a style that they can’t wear. Your style should be about wearing pieces that you love and feel good in, not clothes that a magazine or video told you look good on you. Also the idea of what is flattering is just about creating the Illusion of whatever body type happens to be in at the time. This is why women in the 1700s wore huge hoop skirts and in the 1920s women bound their breasts and wore really straight dresses. Personally I think we should stop wearing clothes just to try to mimic whatever body type is currently being idealized and instead wear the clothes we want and that we feel good in. So I’m gonna share some of the clothes I really like wearing which according to different style rules don’t look good on my body type and I shouldn’t be wearing them but I don’t care. But before we get into the outfits first I should break down what my body shape actually is: so my bust and hips are relatively proportional with a smaller waist, I also have very broad square shoulders and I actually carry most of my weight in my thighs. I have what’s sometimes referred to as “saddlebags” I’m right at the edge of being petite, I’m about 161 centimeters, just over 5 foot 3. But proportionally I have a longer torso and shorter legs. So according to most of the “style rules” I should always be wearing clothes that come in at the waist I should be avoiding anything that adds bulk at the bust or the hips, I should be trying my best to break up my shoulders, my tops and jackets should be stopping above the hips, and I should be avoiding stiff fabrics that add volume – basically any kind of oversized clothing or anything that adds volume to my body but I should be avoiding narrow pants instead be wearing pants that balance out my hips a bit more. Also I should be wearing V-necks and avoiding any kind of wide or boatneck shapes. So this first dress is one of my favourite wardrobe pieces and it is 100% wrong for my body It’s basically shapeless, now I do belt it sometimes but the neckline and sleeves don’t do anything to break up my broad shoulders, the hem is also at a really bad place if you’re shorter. The only thing that this dress gets right is that it covers up my ‘saddlebags’ But other than that this dress is basically totally wrong for my body type, and I love it! It’s super versatile, I created another video about that One way I really like wearing this dress is knotted either at the front or to the side which also goes against all of the rules for my body type because this adds more volume to my hips, it draws attention to the wideness of my thighs, it also cuts off right at the knees which isn’t recommended and again no shape at the waist. But I actually really like wearing this style out to events it’s just a big T-shirt but I think the knot adds an interesting detail and I feel really good in it. This look is my go-to just super easy jeans and a T-shirt look. There’s quite a few elements in this that are totally wrong for my body, I’m not at all supposed to wear tight pants because I should be balancing out my wide thighs. I also should only be wearing shorter shirts or tucked-in shirts to elongate my shorter legs. Also it’s kind of contradictory because I’m supposed to be hiding my thighs but I’m also supposed to be elongating my legs and the style rules for those usually just contradict themselves so I don’t bother. Here is another one of my favorite dresses, I have had this dress for ages again it’s pretty much shapeless it is a empire waist which I’m not at all supposed to wear. Like the T-shirt dress the hem is not recommended for my body type, the color-blocking doesn’t create balance for my body, but I love this dress I wear it all the time. I also like wearing it with this cardigan over top again we have no waist definition, it hits at a really bad place because it’s so long making my torso look longer and my legs look shorter, but I love how drapey this look is and its a style I really like. Next we have these pants and this blazer, again I should not be wearing tightly fitted pants and this jacket has no waist definition to it, it’s very boxy cut, it ends right at the widest part, and I really like it! I think it’s fun to be able to play with our body shapes I like the squareness and angles of this boxy cut. It also has very square shoulders according to all the style rules I should be trying to soften and break up my shoulders so that they don’t look so square and broad and masculine but i think this jacket is really fun, it adds a new dimension to my wardrobe that I’ve really enjoyed playing around with. Then there’s my formal dress which you haven’t seen before because it’s not part of my capsules. It’s strapless, I am not supposed to wear any kind of strapless clothing. I do sometimes wear it belted but i also like It unbelted, and it has a large print which i’m not supposed to wear. Finally there’s my thick Icelandic sweater, this is oversized, it is shapeless, it adds a ton of volume to my body It hits me right at my thighs I’m again wearing tight pants I also have them cuffed up which as somebody who has short legs I should not be doing. The sweater also has detailing which goes right across the shoulders, so not at all breaking up my shoulders, if anything it’s drawing a lot of attention to my shoulders. But once again I love this sweater it’s comfortable I feel good in it I love wearing it and I’m really excited for fall and winter so that I can bring it out I really like oversized silhouettes and playing with shapes and I don’t at all care if I look like i’m drowning in my clothes. So those are some of the outfits that according to style rules I shouldn’t be wearing but i really like wearing. Now I do also wear outfits that I guess fit into the style rules, and I want to be clear that if you like wearing clothes that are recommended for your body type that’s awesome, but you shouldn’t feel like you have to only wear those clothes, or that you’re not attractive and beautiful in “unflattering” clothes. It’s really about confidence and how you feel, and if someone is wearing an outfit which maybe isn’t perfectly suited to their body type but they love it, that’s going to look so much better than if they were wearing an outfit that was based on all of these rules and recommendations, but they didn’t like it and feel comfortable in it. So basically what I’m trying to say is just that if you’re hearing these different rules and recommendations about what you should and shouldn’t wear, just take them as loose suggestions because they can be helpful to maybe encourage you to try something that you haven’t tried before and maybe you really like that style but don’t at all limit yourself from wearing clothes that you really like because you think you shouldn’t be wearing them. You deserve to feel confident and beautiful every day and you should dress in whatever clothes make you feel that way. So I hope you enjoyed this video, this is just something that I really believe in and I feel like too often people I know, clients I’ve worked with have seen something that they think is beautiful that they love, but they won’t even try it or consider It because at some point they were told that they can’t wear that color or they can’t wear that style so I just think that we should give ourselves permission to wear things that we like and try things on and see how you feel in it because that’s the most important, so anyways I have a video more about personal style If you’re interested in that I will link it up in the cards. Thank you so much for watching thank you to those of you supporting me on Patreon, and I’ll see you in the next one.

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  1. You look amazing in all of your outfits!! I completely agree, as long as your wearing clothes you love and feel great in, you'll also look great! 😄

  2. Love this topic! Thank you for shining a light on the ridiculousness of style 'rules' and encouraging others to dress more freely by setting a great example yourself. 🙌🏼👊🏼✨✨✨

  3. Omg! I'm the same. Almost everything I love to wear is totally 'wrong' for my body. I love skinny jeans on my short thunder-thigh legs!!😂

  4. Love! We have super similar body types and shapes and apparently I've committed all these faux pas! I wear tight pants and I feel amazing in them! Thank you for this!! I actually bought a dress that hits right under the knee which doesn't flatter my legs (usually) but I loved the pattern and it's gorgeous on me! So glad I finally tried something new and went out of my comfort zone 😄.

  5. I'm so into wearing clothes that "experts" would deem "unflattering" for my body type. I'm about 5'2'' and more on the curvy side, but I love wearing baggy clothes – both tops and pants. I don't care what anyone says because I love how I look, and how comfortable I feel. This is a great video – thanks for addressing this subject.

  6. Wow, one might think that the point of those rules and recommendations is to lower one's confidence so they go and buy what's "right" for them. I love how you wear you pieces with confidence, that's the most important thing!

  7. LOVE IT! Wow, thank you soooo much! I have kind of the same body shape. I do like to wear belts and high waisted skirts and stuff which are "good" for my body type – but sometimes I just want to wear this much to big sweater or trousers cuffed up and it feels great!
    I think every person should wear whatever s/he likes! <3

  8. YEEEESSSSSSS!!! Oh god I LOVE this. Let's embrace our bodies and our body types. Like who decided that there's only one body shape that's attractive? I love my thighs, and my short legs. I agree with everything that you say, I was smiling the whole video being like "YAAS GURL!", ha! Loved it loved it loved it. You're the best!

  9. First of all — I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL and get so much out of listening to you.
    However, I see "Dressing for Your Body Type" completely differently than you. Personally, I only feel good in my clothes if they flatter my figure, my skin tone, and my lifestyle. I've watched a lot of You Tube videos lately that involve "rules" for your body type. Rather than seeing them as "rules", I actually see them as "enlightenments". I can't express how frequently I found myself saying, "No wonder I hate this dress on me but love it on others!" Hearing more about what will work for me has allowed me to be ruthless in downsizing my wardrobe and beginning to create a capsule and a work uniform.

  10. It looks like more people are taking this mindset and realizing that they don't need to follow trends (you can if you want to, but it's not REQUIRED). Life is too short to worry about what other people think of you anyways!

    I love this concept! I'm the same way: wear what you feel comfortable in! I have a similar body type (a few inches taller than you, but with athletic shoulders, smaller waist and with hips and bust around the same width) and "shouldn't wear" skinny jeans and oversized shirts, but my go-to work/casual staples are skinny jeans and portofino shirts. And since I'm taller I'm not "supposed" wear heels, but who cares! #noshame #breakthetrend

  11. I'm loving this entire video, much like all your other videos! But gurl, can we take a moment to appreciate how amazing you look in your slim jeans, no matter if the style rules say otherwise? 🔥🔥

  12. Love this video! You look great in your choices! Of course, by calling clothing 'flattering', style guides mean 'makes you look thinner'. What a sad goal, to take up less space. Much more fun to make your presence known, in your favourite things.

  13. Well, even though magazines say that you shouldn't wear these clothes, they look awesome on you! You're really pulling it off because you feel good in it! This video is valuable and so important, as people nowadays try to dress as they are told and not as they like! So inspiring video, I'm definitely gonna keep wearing what I like, and so must everyone!

  14. Such a great point! I love how daring you are with your silhouettes. You've got a great eye and these looks feel really balanced even though they're "breaking the rules" 😊

  15. I always wore what I wanted. I have lost weight, but I always thought people see I am overweight anyway so what is the point of not wearing the cmothes that I feel good in?

  16. I love the positive message of this video, Erin. That's what fashion should be about! Being happy and confident in clothes and styles we like to wear, while being fun with it and experimenting along the way. As long as we feel great in what we wear, every outfit will be great and look great on us! Btw, you look gorgeous in every single outfit you've shown in this video!

  17. I thought you looked so good in so many of your "unflattering" clothes! And I can't really see how they would be "unsuited" for you or anyone, ha.

  18. There are (nearly) no rules in the first world, what you should wear ("house rules" are an exception). Don't confuse real rules/acts, like in Saudi Arabia, with society norms. Our "rules" are only guidelines, what you should wear, if you want to look more according to the beauty and fashion standards of today. If you don't care about these standards, you can wear more or less whatever you want.

  19. Lol I can't believe your 5'3 when you look taller than me and I'm 5'8! I basically have the same body type as you (shorter legs, wider thighs, and saddlebags) but I also don't limit myself in styles as long as I feel comfortable and feel confident in it

  20. YESSS! i so agree, love this video. Although i have basically the same body type as you and I'm always wearing oversized stuff. 🙂

  21. It does resonate with my what you said. If we follow body rules we all aim to look the same shape… Plus if someone knows the rules they can figure out what we're trying to hide lol. I like looser fit clothes, it started to frustrate me that majority of woman's clothes are tight, see-through, esp that modesty started to be more important to me, and comfort and air circulation have always been.x

  22. I am 5'1" and and an hourglass shape body, but I love long shapeless dress😁 Also I don't like shorter hems than midi length. But I don't care😎 I am 100% in agreement with your opinion in this video👍

  23. Man. I HATE style rules. Those jeans look AMAZING on you. Those rules are trash. Everything you're showing looks so comfortable. I firmly believe in dressing for comfort (although for me I try to do it in a way that looks stylish regardless). My faves were your Icelandic sweater and the giant t-shirt dress at the beginning. I love your attitude. 😀

  24. You look amazing in all of those outfits! The funny thing is I have the EXACT body shape and height as you and really like all of the outfits 'shouldn't be wearing' now I feel more confident to try them

  25. I love this video. I might "look good" in the clothing I choose but what I wear is comfortable and I like that. Thanks for making such a relevant fashion video!

  26. I carry all of my weight around my hips thighs lower stomach and bum and I have a long hip region. I love in fun coloured mini skirts because I love them!

  27. I actually loved most of the outfits on you. I think the jeans looked perfect with the shirt just slightly tucked in at the side. We have about the same body shape and I wear that style all the time. You can totally pull off strapless too. But even if you couldn't, feeling happy and comfortable makes you beam from the inside, and that's what makes people beautiful anyway.

  28. To this video, this may be a bit off-topic, but I've really enjoyed a lot of your videos the last couple off days. You're such an inspiring, mindful, calm and down-to-earth person. I'm not even that interesting in whether or not my clothes and other stuff are sustainable, but having a wardrobe of which you love every single piece and feel pretty and confident in is such an endearing thought. Also you video about fit models and fitting clothes to just one body type kinda changed my world…or that least my view from 'I should fit into clothes' to 'clothes should fit me'. So…thanks for making those videos!

  29. Love this ! I am very similar body type as you , and I love the flowy, bohemian look that I wear !
    By the way , I absolutely love that sweater in the end ! Want one !!!
    You always look great . Love your videos !

  30. I love your attitude-it's just so right how you feel about yourself-I'm really happy to see a cool confident woman on Youtube. Well done! 🙂

  31. I have 0 curves no thighs no hips nothing so uhh.. not sure what I shouldn't wear probably something that adds volume(I HATE oversized clothes so that's not happening lol) they also say I should wear frills around my boobs to make it look like I have boobs which I also hate.. so yeah probably not taking suggestions loool

  32. I love this! Style rules are so funny to me. I've had so friends my height or a little taller tell me they wish they could wear rompers or maxis like I do, but they're "too short" … So silly!

  33. Oh my, you look horrible! [sarcasm]
    You look beautiful because you are beautiful. Wear whatever you feel comfortable in. That's what I do. Cheers!

  34. Totally agreed when you pointed out the conflicting rules regarding longer torso and minimizing thighs! I have this issue too and it's so true!!

  35. Thank you. I love this. I see so many pretty pieces that I don't bother to try because they're I think they're wrong for my body type. You look amazing in your rule breakers.

  36. Everything you wore in this video was beautiful. And it's because your love for the items showed! I think you can always tell when someone is not confident with what they're wearing because it shows, but on the other hand, when you do love an outfit/item, it also shows, and it has such a positive effect on the overall look of the outfit. Keep wearing your shapeless treasures, Erin!

  37. I have similar proportions to you except I'm fatter and a bit taller. I ordered a tunic I really liked but I let someone talk me out of. I still regret it to this day and have never seen anything like it again since.

  38. I love this video! I'm a chronic lurker but was inspired to come out of my shell to comment and thank you! My body type is almost identical to yours with the exception of a flat chest, and I run into these "forbidden" styles all the time. I've always been one to blaze my own trail but sometimes confidence is elusive and it's nice to know that there are other rule-breakers out there! Keep up the good work friend!

  39. I completely agree that you should wear outfits that you love and shouldn't feel bad about wearing something that "doesn't suit your body". Though I think the body "rules" are helpful for people who feel like most fashion doesn't suit them or that they look wrong in a lot of clothes. One trend that's really in (from what I've seen) is wearing skinny jeans with a loose top, though I don't like how that style looks on me because I have an hourglass figure and it makes me look like I have no waist (which I love emphasising). Seeing those styling tips helps me narrow down what I'm looking for when I'm shopping, especially for dresses or tops, though I love wearing skinny jeans. No amount of "fashion tips" will stop me from wearing them aha

  40. Aww this video makes me feel so much better. Screw the rules and wear what you want and what makes you feel better i love it 🙂

  41. I really appreciate this video! I'm 5'9 and I have long legs and a short torso (short waisted) so according to style rules I should never wear high waisted jeans or cropped shirts. I LOVE cropped box cut tees but had always avoided them. I finally bought one a couple of months ago telling myself I would only wear it to work out or as lounge wear. I loved it so much that I wore it out and felt really great! I ended up buying two more in different colors….and yes, I wear them with high waisted jeans!

  42. Please keep on spreading this message! We need to put how we feel about ourselves and what we like above other people's opinion of us. You are so beautiful inside and out!

  43. Oh finally, I waited for such an opinie from someone. I have the same shape and according to the stylists may wear almost anything I like. But I do not care! 🙂

  44. I love this! It took me 30 years to realise I'm so much more comfortable in oversized shirts. I think it's partly because certain styles of shirts were more widely available when I was younger. I'm so happy that looser, longer shirts made a comeback because I love them. I just hope I'll still be able to find them in the future when they're out of fashion again.

  45. This is why I love your videos! No shame about what you like, total confidence, simple wisdom and sooo much positivity ❤️ I‘m still struggling with a lot of these things. Growing up in a post-soviet environment where looks are everything didn’t do any good for my confidence about „saddlebags“, short legs and just overall being „not slim enough“. All of these „right length“, waist-cinching and other rules are just so internalized that I mostly don’t even bother trying stuff on if I think it’s „not the right cut“ for me. The thing is, I do feel uncomfortable in clothing that’s „not for my bodytype“. But that’s really just being conscious about allll the rules. Ah, sorry for ramble. Loved the video, I need to try and break these stupid rules more to know what I really like for myself. xx

  46. your body type is exactly like mine. Also I am right at 163 cm. thank you for this video because I realized that all my clothes are unflattering. 😂

  47. i find it so interesting that i only notice things about people's bodies or clothes once someone points them out to me. same with makeup. i just dont pay attention to those types of details. instead i find myself looking at someone's countenance and i can see if the clothes confirm the individual's personality, if they feel comfortable and confident or if something is unmatched.

  48. Great video! I think this video-essay style really fits you well and the takes outside were so beautiful and artistic!

  49. I've been re-watching all your videos since the 1 Jan. and I still love them.
    You have the same body type as me, I'm just 157cm, and I'm just as pale as you. It made me really happy, to see someone with the same body type, to be so confident and not caring about the "right" cloth. I don't feel so alone in the world anymore 🙂
    Thank you.

  50. Great video. Its a pity you even have to make a video like this. I don't watch tv, read magazines or follow fashion. Everything I own is probably unacceptable but I don't care. It's me who who has to wear my clothes and be comfortable. I don't wear tight uncomfortable things. It's entirely your choice what you wear and no one else's business.

  51. I love your sweater 😍 I've always been drawn to Icelandic knits, but have been avoiding them because of all the style rules 🙈 It is awesome to see that the look can be pulled off beautifully by someone whose body type is very close to my own.

  52. Love you! So agree with this message! These so-called rules aren't laws. At the most they can be used guidelines. Moreover fashion tends to break its own "rules" in no time; for example the rule never to mixed patterns or combine certain colours and a few seasons onward those same combinations are all the rage. And what about those broad shoulders (same here by the way) being not femine and need to be disguised. In the 80s female shoulders could be broad enough. Totally agree with you that we should go with what we like, try it, see if it feels like yourself and wear it

  53. I love this video, the message and overall sentiment is terrific wear whatever you like or love and feel good in, regardless! Heck yes! Also I think your “unflattering” clothes look fantastic on you.

  54. This is such an important video! For me, it has really helped learning more about what "officially" fits my body type because it has helped me realise why I don't feel comfortable/good in certain things, but now that I know the rules I see them as a help, not a restrictor. And the most important thing is always that you feel good and beautiful and awesome in something, no matter what the rules say. We are so controlled by fashion and trends as it is, and it's easy to actually forget what you like if you only focus on what other people say you should like.

  55. I think your long pretty hair helps balance out your outfits. Your hair is fanciful, and adds beauty to every outfit.

  56. As a broad shouldered gal, I loved seeing you rock things we "are not supposed to wear." You rocked every look. I especially loved the gold jacket outfit.

  57. And then there's me who really follows the 'rules'. It's all about what you feel great in, and in my case that are the colours I am supossed to look good in and the shapes I am supposed to look good in. In general. Everyone likes a cozy oversized sweater and my favourite colour is raspberry, which is…Meh on me, but I love the shade.

  58. I'm a guy and I find very interesting what you explain on the rules supposed to be followed to match the trendy body type of the time. I had heard of some of these rules but I feel – maybe because I'm a guy – it's not often described. And I'm not saying this to approve we'd have to match this acknowledged body type at all. Just the opposite : I'm saying you're great at explaining it and both deconstructing them and proving that people can break away from it.
    Thumbs up for this. : )

  59. Hey, have you ever come across David Kibbe's theory? He's practically genius and doesn't recommend to cover or change unique lines of faces and bodytypes. According to his system you dress up perfectly well!

  60. I know this is kind of the opposite of what your video was about so sorry. I have the exact same body type as you except for petite shoulders and I'm 5.5. I really like how I look in high waisted things and jumpsuits but it's so hard to find clothes that complement my figure. I can't wear jumpsuits ever because for some reason they don't make them for people with tall torsos but short legs so I end with a wedgie. And even though I'm extremely narrow all my fat goes to my thighs but not my butt so it's so hard for me to find jeans I like. Do you have any tips for me?

  61. What's ''flattering'' is indeed about giving a silhouette that's generally accepted as the most ''attractive'' or pretty, but the truth is you can very well enjoy a completely different silhouette and putting forwards aspects of your figure that most rules would tell you to hide. If you like the figure and vibe you're getting from the item or outfit, go for it. It flatters what you like about your own body.

  62. Love seeing this. The clothes look nice on you and you prove that the rules don't need to dictate our choices.

  63. Thank you so much for this video. I am 5'3" and I am so tired of most people and articles and magazines etc. all saying the 'goal' of an outfit is to try to make a person look taller. Why? What''s wrong with short? I feel it's only because in media/society right now, models are extremely tall and usually extremely thin and have very long legs. So the supposed 'ideal' is tall and very thin. Maybe partly because I am 'older' (40's) that I just don't care anymore about what everyone else looks like and I sure don't 'buy into' all the advertising that is trying to say that only tall, thin people are happy, successful, confident and even 'sexy'. We are so much more than just our body and appearance buy marketing doesn't care about that. So I love the way you presented this video. If the 'tips' and 'tricks' work for you because you like them and you feel good in them then great. They have been helpful and use them. But I think it is so important to wear what we feel good in or what we like how we look in. So, I break all the 'petite' rules. The one I really don't 'buy into' is high waisted jeans or pants. Everyone recommends this style to 'help make my legs look longer'. I have very short legs. I don't wear them because 1) I think they don't look good on anyone 2) I have quite a belly, if I wear high waisted jeans I get a huge tire/pouch sticking out that looks horrible and would only draw attention to it 3) they feel so awkward and uncomfortable so high, it feels like they are right under my bust. So I wear my jeans super low (under my belly) and I feel very confident..short legs and all. So thank you for the encouragement and reassurance I felt from watching this video.

  64. These clothes look awesome on you because it's obvious that you feel good wearing them, I think it's the only rule one should follow 😀 !

  65. I like all those outfits. They all look comfortable and cute. I didn't think any of them looked "bad" on you. A great lesson on wearing what you like.

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