This 11,000-Year-Old Piece of Wood is More Than it Seems

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  1. When they don't understand what it was for, there is always someone to say : "That must have been a ritual thing." And everyone nods.

  2. I become more convinced that the yunger drias event was a reset for humanity… there is too much mounting evidence of far more advanced societies, going back much further than we previously realized…

  3. ah … 3:03 the good ol' historian experts reasoning "we just don't know for sure, so we just called it a ritual thing" …

  4. The oldest evidence of carpentry and they handle the wood with are hands depositing oils from their shin into the wood.

  5. Could, might, maybe. It's all guess work, but with the right tone and the right accent it's made to sound credible. The are clueless.

  6. Nine thousand years in the future, at an archeologist site:
    The scene: in a dusty expanse, surrounded by coarse rocks and small bushes, archeologists are gathered around a small blue box with a door with vents.

    "As you can see, this box has several vents on the sides and on the door. On the top of the door, if you'll focus your attention here, you'll see some faint embossed symbols. M I K E ' S O N S I T E S A N I T A T I O N S U P P L Y. (Mike's Onsite Sanition Supply). My colleagues and I have come to conclusion that this must be a ritualistic religious object.
    Yes, I completely agree with you. This is a religious object. Wanna go get lunch now?

  7. What??? 11 thousand yrs old? The big comic book tells us the earth is 5000 yrs old,and a guy lived in a whale fr 3 days,and a guy built a boat,and put 2 of every animal on it,and a snake talked,and jack had magic beans.

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