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This is peasant dress tutorial this is the front and back of the shoulder I Folded both these pieces separately because the depth of both necklines would be different So this is the folded side and the open side is towards me So decide whatever length you want And then cut accordingly for width measuring on your hips or bust whatever is bigger and then add two inches to that Now mark your shoulder measurements from the folded side of the fabric this measurement is exactly the same is your normal measurement shoulder measurement, so if it is salmon’s mark seven if it is six mark six whatever it is and then Mark your armhole measurement this measurement is also exactly the same is your normal armhole measurement Now mark the center of the armhole measurement and Mark one inch Toward the neckline and make this curve shape like you would do in your normal shirt arm holes Now mark the depth of the neckline that is up to you whatever depth you want and Now join these two points and make a nice curve Now cut the armhole shape out But the neckline shape just cut out in the front piece, for back neckline we’ll measure less depth Okay, so now cut the front neckline Now let me mark my back neckline I’m marking two inches for back you mark whatever depth you like and then cut it out Now let’s work on our sleeves for length its about Five inches extra to your sleeves because we are measuring it from our neck not from our top of arm and for width its about two or more extra inches to there Now put the sleeves under your shirt piece fold it sides toward the folded side and open side toward the open Align the open side nicely and the top should also match each other and then cut out the armhole shaping sleeves Now measure the sleeves opening, but we are putting elastic in them so keep about two inches wider than your normal measurement. mark it, and then join with the top point and Cut it out Now separate both sleeves from each other Now let me show you how to attach these sleeves to the bodice so Spread out your one piece of the shirt and Then take your sleeve and then attach one side of the armhole of the sleeve to the one side of the short piece and Then attach the other piece to the other side of the sleeve armhole So this is how? You’re supposed to do So this is other part of the a shirt attaching it to the other side of the sleeve armhole and Do the same to the other side Or just Take your sleeve attach it to the one side of the Shirt piece and take another sleeve and attach it to the other armhole So it is done And now take your big piece and attach it to the other side of the armhole of this piece So at the end this is how it’s supposed to look So after attaching your sleeves hem your neckline So double fold your neckline and run a stitch on top all around your neckline So after having your neckline there are couple of ways you can make your neckline Either fold it an inch and then run a stitch all around your neckline leaving a little gap and then let an elastic go through it and then at the end sew both ends of the elastic and Then sew the little gap another way is which I’m doing here is take an elastic thread take it double to make it more stable and Then do a running stitch all around your neckline So give the elastic a knot at the end, so you don’t lose it This way you can control the gathering on own your neckline more easily and Then at the end adjust all the gatherings and once you are happy with that secure it by going back and forth few times and Four sleeves just hem it around and then do the same as you did to the neckline and you Are done so thanks for watching and subscribe to stay connected

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  1. Great tutorial! Iโ€™m kind of confused on how you attached the elastic. Did you see it on by hand with a running stitch? I think thatโ€™s what you did, but Iโ€™m not totally sure. I really liked the look of it though. Thank you!

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  4. I am searching this neckline for a long time and finally I got this from your chanel… your new subscriber thanks alot

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