Mountain Equipment Aerofort Jacket – OutDoor Show Review

You also have some other
interesting products of course. We have here a product which is especially made for the summer and which is in this lightweight or ultralight ultralight. Some would say ultra light they are very lightweight so let’s say. ultralight if you like this better. We have here from gore-tex this new Active Shell 2 which is a very good fabric and you have this fabric with an outer layer of 20 denier and you have knit lining. inside which makes it very comfortable to wear and also very robust. It only weighs 170 grams and goes into this stuff bag. I can’t demonstrate it. We can stuff it like this. This is a real three layer not a two and a half layer like paclite or any other PU membrane. It is very breathable and very lightweight but still robust and packs into this tiny little thing. And it’s a really long lasting gore-tex jacket. It’s like a good sized snowball. I used it a lot during the winter and for testing and it works fantastic. There is no problem that you’re not afraid that you would have problems because of the Rucksack. So if I would go on a long trekking tour with a heavy rucksack I would definitely take another jacket. And then we have here a windbreaker. When you go in the Alps for a day trip. This is absolutely perfect and then we have here a
windbreaker. So windbreakers have been for a long
time on the market. For a very long time and if you ever have used windbreakers it is
say always sticky to the skin you know all right you’re very likely use it
without another long sleeve pull-on because you use it in warm weather and
when you sweat they are not breathing very well. Of course it’s coated fabric
and the sweat sticks to the fabric and it’s not so comfortable. And this is a
fabric without any coating and it’s a real soft shell. it’s a twenty denier
double weave soft shell with a mechanical fabric stretch so there is no
nylon in. So it stretch it because how it is woven and
it is a hundred grams and also fits into this little pocket in this internal
pocket. But this is nothing new.
They have been windbreakers around which fits into this pocket. But what is new
is that you have this pack size but you have extreme good comfort of wearing it. So it is not sticky. It breezes very well and you feel very
comfortable in it. And that’s a great new thing you need to try it. So bare skin a bit sweaty. A bit sweaty. Ok, should be your size. So it’s 3/4.
What do you mean? The zippers. Yes the zippers is 3/4 because of weight. Because of
weight it is close fitting because we we are making it for active.
When you want to sweat you must close this. And what do we learn. You lose up 20% of
your heat through the head. So good point and now you’re can start to
sweat and I hope you feel comfortable. Indeed, I mean it doesn’t stick.
So normal ones would start to stick now and this is not the case here. He
feels comfortable and then you also have fitted. Yes it’s a standard on our
hoods you know it’s a really fit. So this is a hood which would go under a helmet
on bikes or on climbing. Yes especially for climbing routes when you are on a
multi pitch route. it is on your harness. When you’re coming to the higher peaks, you can put it on when there is wind. So I like this very very much. And you can also adjust here. Yeah, it’s perfect.

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