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It’s been very long, we haven’t caught a fish till now. Every time the worm disappears but the fish is not caught. Need to find out where the worm is gone. These days fishes have become very smart. What is this? It looks like a hat ? What are you doing? What kind of hat is this? It talks and moves. Might be some ghost. I am an alien hat. Any one who wears me will achieve power. Now we can do anything. Patlu, let’s think what should be done. What a funny hat you wearing, you look funny without the hat too. Mr. Hat we need to test you now. This Boxer always teases me, give me the power to teach him a lesson. All right, I give you the power. Come on, let’s have a fight, it’s long time you have been teasing me, now not anymore. Patlu, is Motu fine? He is challenging me for a fight. Why is he so excited to get beaten? It’s your turn, come on fight. Will you tease me again? When did you learn such a good boxing? That’s mine hat. Hey somebody help this old man needs help please. What happened? I am a doctor, I think he has got sun stroke due to heat. Protect his head with some kind of hat, fast. Thank you child, now Mr. Hat I want to fly. Ok, I give you the power. This was John, he took our Hat, hey John stop. John return my Hat. Idea! Stop! John! Return my hat its mine. Motu and Patlu don’t harass me, let me fly in peace, don’t come close to me. Wow boss! What a poetry? Oh my god! Let me guess, what fell on me? It must be Motu Patlu, who fell over me from the sky. Open your eyes Chingam sir, it’s we who fell on you. Sir we got a alien hat in the pond, which gives power to do anything. John has taken the hat, we were chasing him. What are you doing here? Chase them and I shall too join you. Mr. Hat, give me the power to open the locker. I give the power. The name is Chingam and it’s impossible to escape from Chingam’s web. Surrender or I fire. Mr Hat give me the power to stop the bullet. I give you the power. Fire in the front of you and not in the air. When will we get rid off this Chingam’s coconut? Mr. Hat I want to run speeder than mobike. I give you the power. No! Mummy! I didn’t ask for such speed. Empty stomach my brains don’t function, you think of something. Idea! Dr. Jhatka we need your help. Mr. Hat give me the power so that everyone’s purse and money and jewelry’s come by itself to me. I give you the power. I am strong and very powerful. John! My Hat is more powerful than yours. Don’t believe it, then challenge. Challenge accepted, I love to see you lose. Just want to see Dr Jhatks’s chemical should work today or not? What my Hat can do? Your Hat cant do? look at my Hat’s magic. Oh! My Hat, my lovely Hat make this car turn gold, give me the power. My friend Motu, take the power. Mr Hat, I want turn my van into gold. I give you the power. Go and now you can use van to sleep. Boss, don’t sleep, keep awaking!! Mr. Hat, I didn’t mean like this, I wanted the van made of gold. I can’t do that, but I can give you the power to earn gold. See one more magic of my Hat. Oh my lord! How did the car turn into gold? This is my chemical wonders. If you sprinkle and due to the human touch and human heat, it’s turn the color. That will not be real gold. We fooled John, we have to vanish the Moon, set the projector on. Oh it’s good, today is eclipse. Today is no moon day, or else we would have 2 moon’s. My friend Hat, my lovely hat, give me the power to vanish the moon. My friend Motu, I give you the power. Moon vanish! So much! Mr. Hat, can you give me this power? I can grant you the power to go to the moon, but cant vanish it. John my hat is powerful than yours, anything can be achieved. There is a good idea in my bad mind. Mr. Hat give me the power to get Motu’s hat. I give you the power. Motu Patlu, you can bring super power hat. But, from where can you get a brain like John? Now I have both Hats. I don’t need super power to grab the hat, I have a brain gifted by god. Mr. Hat, Give me the power to beat John. I give you the power. Chingam sir, come fast and take me to the jail. I don’t want to be beaten by Patlu. I can’t bear such insult. The name is Chingam and it’s impossible to escape from Chingam’s web. Take me to the jail fast, I don’t have time. Mr. Hat now you return to the world where you belong to, here people misuse you. You are honest and very sensible person, I am glad meeting you. Ok, now I am leaving. Bye!!

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