Inflating Airplane Life Vests

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  1. when i was a kid i used to think life jackets on planes were free gifts & i would take them home. 😟… i think i just admitted committing federal crimes.😬

  2. I think they don’t blow up the vests because psychologically seeing the vests blown up leads people to think about crashing. They want people to feel safe so they keep it very clinical.

  3. I have a really big test in less than 10 hours and I'm watching this. A really common thing to say but so true for me at the moment

  4. Link is killing me 😂😂 “I thought it burned me” “ I just pulled mine to see what it would feel like” 😂😂😂😂 the way he shakes 😂

  5. They say the instructions on the plane every flight… they were obviously not listening on how to deflate it hahhaha aside from that… there are so many weird references on this day’s episodes

  6. As a flight attendant I thoroughly enjoyed this GMMore. Also I agree that the videos should demonstrate how the vest inflate. Also, if the vest has too much air in it you can press the top of the inflation tube and it will deflate.

  7. You guys know that these are not meant to protect your life. It is so that you will float and they can identify who you are😞😞😞

  8. Hahahaha this was so entertaining… and if course they don't give an air compressor to Link… come on guys, it's not sharp.

  9. I just want to point out that the idea of not actually showing the blowing into the tube in the safety demo is a survival of the fittest kinda thing. If you can’t figure out that your mouth actually has to be on it, you need to be at the bottom of the ocean.

  10. I take it their company sexual harassment policy doesn't include language used on the show. I love when they push the line with their sexual innuendos.

    Rhett: we want to see real blowing
    Me: i thought this was a educational show not an adult entertainment 😉👀

  12. «We want real blowing in videos»
    «I wanna see lips wrapped around the thing»

    Can we get this in another GMM out of context? Some needs to get on this asap!

  13. the joke about blowing the sharks was funny cause sharks are actually scared of bubbles so you can get rid of them by going below them and blowing bubbles.

  14. Rhett: gimme some last words, like the last thing you'll ever say to me.
    Link: Daffadil
    😂😂 Rhett's reaction to the life vest inflating was hilarious

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