How to Sew on Decorative Belt Loops – Jean Carriers

Give your jeans a pop of color and design
flare by replacing your carriers, also known as belt loops, with a contrasting fabric.
It’s easy and will give your fashion a unique look. Choose your fabric carefully. You’ll want
to use something which has the same care instructions as your jeans, so make sure the fabric you
choose is washable. I’m choosing a thicker cotton fabric. If you use a lighter weight cotton, you may
want to add interfacing to the wrong-side to give your carriers stability. From your fabric, you’ll want to cut a strip
that’s 1 ½” by about 17”. This should give you enough to replace 5 carriers on adult
jeans. Fold the carrier in half lengthwise, right
sides together and pin. Sew this at your sewing machine at a quarter
inch seam allowance. Press the seam open at your ironing board. Turn the strip right side out. One way to
do this is to put a long strand of thick thread, like heavy duty thread or embroidery floss,
on a big needle. Tie a big knot and pull the needle with the thread through one end of
the strip from wrong side to right side. I like to do this at the seam allowance. Carefully, bring this thread and needle all
the way through to the other side of the tube of fabric. Once you have the thread, you can
take off the needle. Then pull on the thread to begin tucking the tube into itself. Pull
hard, but not too hard to rip the fabric. You might have to help get it started by pushing
on the end but eventually should be able to turn the whole thing right side out. Press again, with the seam landing in the
center of the tube. Edge stitch on each of the long sides of the
carrier. Cut your strip into 5 pieces of about 3 ¼”
each or whatever your original carrier length is.
Your carriers are ready to go on your jeans but we need to take the old carriers off.
With a seam ripper, carefully cut the threads holding the carriers on. Remove any loose threads so the area looks
clean. Take the new carrier, fold under to the seamed
side, about ¼” on each end and press. Pin in the same spot on your jeans where old
carrier was. Then, edge stitch again at your sewing machine
on each end of the carrier. It might be easier to sew this with a walking foot. And that’s it! Your jeans went from no personality
to fun personality in record breaking time! You don’t have to have to make your carriers
all the same print. Mix it up for even more creativity. We hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Please
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8 Replies to “How to Sew on Decorative Belt Loops – Jean Carriers”

  1. A blast from the 70's. I have an easier method to make the tube. Fold the cut sides of the strip to the middle and press in place. stitch along both sides- you now have a tube of a flat felled seam that you can use to make belt loops. You can also get a tube turner from Nancy's notions that works beautifully, with far less effort.

  2. Great! I am making fanny packs and I love the carrier look on the denim belts, but I wanted to dress them up, too. This is the perfect way. Thanks for the reminder on how to turn those small tubes, too. I did that long ago but in the meantime, forgot that method.

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