How To Make Homemade Princess Rapunzel Hair Dress Cake | Rice Krispy Treat Decorating With Frosting

(light music) – Peek-a-boo! Hello everybody, welcome back
to Kids Cooking and Crafts, I am Ava, and this is Rapunzel. So you guys have may seen
Rapunzel on our channel before. Actually, two times on our channel. So with Rapunzel, we made a dress cake. It was so cool. It had
like purple all over it. And, we had to cut off her
hair. It was very heartbreaking. But today we are going to make
it a little bit different. We will be doing a dress cake, and we will be cutting off her hair. I’m sad. But instead of cake, we are going to use Rice Krispie treats. And for her hair, we’re
going to use frosting. We are also going to use
Rosanna Pansino’s gem molds. Rosanna actually has
her own youtube channel. She is amazing. I could like, binge watch her
channel like all day long. So these are molds they look
like pretty little gems, and we are going to put
these gems on our cake today. What do you think Rosanna?
Is that a good idea? Yes, I think it’s a wonderful idea. Alright, let’s do this. Oh yeah! I love these molds. She is amazing. She is my
favorite youtuber of all time. Shout out to Rosanna,
go watch her channel. So that we have time for these to dry, we are going to make these first. These are candy melts. I have a couple different colors here. I have yellow, pink, blue, and green. We are going to melt them down
and pour them into the mold. Normally, you would put these
in the microwave to melt, but I have my magical
princess powers on so, let’s melt them. Reday? One, two, three! Ta-da! See, look how smooth they are. Except this one kind of
looks like baby food. I don’t think we’re going to do it, so just sit that to the side. Now we’re going to pour
them into the molds. Thank you. So I’m just going to pour them in. (light music) Looks like bananas. Like taffy bananas. I love banana taffy. It’s the most delicious
thing on planet Earth. (light music) I’m not filling them up all the way, because I don’t want them to be too thick. Now, we’re going to let these sit while we frost the dress cake. Okay, I have three forms of Rice Krispies. I have two cake pan molds, and one bowl, it’s in a bowl. I put this into a bowl
because when you flip it over it’s going to be domed, like a dress. Like a dress goes up, and then back down. If you guys want to learn how to make this Rice Krispie recipe, just go watch our mermaid castle that I did with Mersa and Brooky. It was amazing. We are going to set the first layer on, and then we’re going to
grab our circle cutter, circle cookie cutter, and
put it right in the middle, then put a hole in it. OH, that hurts. I need a hammer. Ooh, I have an idea. What if I put this on top of it and then? It’s working! Hey, it actually worked! There we go. Look, it’s a little cake. Okay, now we’re going to put
a layer of frosting on it. There. (light music) It looks like a giant Cheerio! Next layer is, the dome. But first, we’ve got
to put the frosting on. Decorating cakes has
given me huge muscles. (applause) Now let’s get our bowl
of Rice Krispie treats and flip it over. There we go. (light music) I’m just pushing it out. Look at how weird that looks. Okay, got it all out. Peek-a-boo! Now, we’re going to put the dome on top. Okay. Shape it. Doesn’t that look like a dress. Not yet at least, muah ha ha ha. Bakers are all scientists in their lab, their own personal lab,
with frosting and sugar. It’s dangerously good. (beep) Okay, now we’re going to
grab our purple frosting and cover this whole
entire thing with frosting. (light music) Oh my! (light music) Ta-da! Okay, time for the
saddest part of the video. We have to cut her hair. I’m taking this cake to a party tomorrow, and I don’t want anybody
to be picking hair out of their food. Eeew! (light music) Do you like her haircut? She has a mullet. I think I’ll stick to baking, instead of doing people’s hair. (light music) (buzzing) Okay, now let’s go rinse her head. Ta-da! Do you guys like my new haircut? Now we’re going to give her
her hair back, I promise. We’re going to grab this
bright yellow fondant. Fondant is technically Play-doh,
but you can eat it, see. So we’re going to take
this and flatten it out. And then put it over her head. (light music) Make sure it sticks. Okay. Now we’re going to take off her skirt and put her in the cake. Ding. She fits perfectly! Now I have this pink frosting right here, and I am going to put it around her waist. (light music) Okay. Now we’re going to put some
on the bottom and then, we’re going to put our jewels on. (light music) The trim is done. And guess what’s ready? The gems! Whoa, look at these colors. These are so pretty, check these out. I am going to put this pink rosy diamond right in the middle of her dress. I am going to put this one right here. (light music) There. Ta-da! (light music) So this tip, there is
a whole bunch of holes, so it looks like it’s hair
when you put it sideways. See look, if I go like this, and I go like that, it looks like hair. Isn’t that cool? Okay, we’re going to try this. I have never done this before,
so I am really nervous. (light music) So I added some more fondant going down her neck and down her back, because the frosting wasn’t sticking to the back of her neck. This is so much fun! It kind of looks like spaghetti. (light music) See, I told you we would
give her her hair back. It actually looks better in the back. (light music) Alright, we’re done.
Time for some close-ups. (light music) Thank you guys so much for
joining me and Rapunzel today. Thank you Ava for giving
me this amazing make-over. Well you are welcome. Before you leave, wait. Don’t forget to subscribe
and comment down below which Disney princess we should
give a make-over to next. See you guys next time, bye! (light music)

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