Easy DIY Poncho Sweater in 20 min 🌍 Culture Couture 🌍

Hear hear my fabrics are here! I’m sew excited to share this with you as
I’ve worked more than 2 years to make this happen. This one is an african print fleece fabric
which is great for Fall Winter projects. You can shop this and the other ones in my
webshop paixaofortes.com. Check the link in the description box For this poncho sweater you need 2m or yards
of fleece fabric. I designed the print and printed the fabrics
with Digital Fabrics. They print it on different white fabric bases
and as you’ll see there’s a white border you need to cut first. Fold the fabric in half. If you have a print, like I do, make sure
it’s facing the right direction. Place a sweater on top and cut the shape. Since I wanted mine to be oversized I cut
it longer Fold it in half, and make a small cut to mark
the middle Then cut the neckline starting with the back
first and slightly bigger for the front Then pin the sides starting at approximately
2/3 of the length. Sew the sides and then hem the arm openings
and the bottom Use the remaining fabric to create the collar Place right sides on each other making sure
the prints match Pin the sides, leaving one side open, and
sew it Turn it to the right side, fold it and sew
it Your sweater is now facing the right side Turn the collar upside down and pin it on
top of your sweater. Pin the open part of the collar on the neckline
and the collar is with the wrong side up when you pin it. Pin it all around. Since the fleece fabric is slightly stretchy
you can stretch if needed to make both pieces fit. Then use the zig zag stitch to sew it and
you’re done And this is the final look!
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comments. I have so much love for you guys and you motivate
me each time to produce great content. And I’m curious to know, what is your favorite
color? Mine is turquoise!

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  1. Congratulations on your fabric! The design is beautiful! I love your top you did a great job on it! My favorite color is turquoise too! It's the best color that complements my skin tone. Thanks for the great video!

  2. thanks for the tut I picked up some techniques for making collars now , and I want to try this on some knits I have. and I live the african fleece

  3. so glad to see you again, my favorite color is lavender… there's something about that soft purple that I love so much 💜

  4. Congratulations on the fabrics! There beautiful and full of color. My all time favorite color is black, but I go through random phases of loving a one color, than I buy everything in that color and right now it's lavender💜 So happy to see a new tutorial😎

  5. Hi Jocelina!

    What a great fabric! I love the design you created! Perfect for rainy and gray days. Have you ever tried the fabric Alpen fleece?
    That's what they call it in german.
    It's like sweatcloth on the outside, but like short furr on the inside. So warm and fluffy. I am making Raglan pullovers with it at the present. Made some easy hats for my little boys for the cold weather too. They are even availible with two different colours inside/out.
    You are my Inspiration, like always. I have just the right fabric at home for this poncho. Thanks to you I have kept on sewing everything I could imagine, from purses, to shopping bags, handbag, to dresses, trousers, Jumpsuits. Without a papersketch, just by using my clothes or try and error.
    I resently started to sew by papersketch and must say I am glad I didn't start that way, cause it takes soooo much time to create the paper model first and I wouldn't have had that much fun as a beginner.
    Thank you so much for the courage and love and inspiration, that you send with your Videos.
    It makes sewing seem to be fun and easy and gives beginners the right motivation to just try it.
    My favourite colour is bloodred.
    Have a great day,
    Tina from Germany

  6. Woooow! Congratulations on printing your own fabric, its beautiful!!! Love the print. Do you do international shipping?

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