– Ouch! – Owww! – Ow. *water drips* * water drips* (laughing) – I can’t tell if these are tears or.. the water! – Hey guys! – I’m Veronica. – I’m Vanessa. – And today we are doing the dunk hat challenge! – Dun dun, dun! – But before we get into this video make sure to sub-sub-sub-sub subscribe. – Sub-sub-sub subscribe! – It was a remix! – It’s a remix called the “Sub-Sub-Sub-Subscribe”. – Umm, yeah. – We post new videos every Tuesday so you can look forward to that if you subscribe and turn on the bell notification while you’re at it. – Okay, so how this game works is we have these hat contraptions and.. – Who comes up with these? – Uh, I don’t know. – We need to get on this bandwagon because they’re making bank. – So what happens is, you fill this up with water, you hit this, and then the water falls. – So, the objective of the game is whoever gets dunked on five times first loses. – Yup, yup. – Rock, paper, scissors! (they keep going until someone wins) – Boom! I go first. – Ow! (laughter) – How’d that hurt?! (laughing/laughter) – I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hit you in the face! (more laughter) – nO RoNI! – Ow, these hurt! – They’re foam balls. – Foam hurts. – Where’d he go? – That was so off. Oh. – Aye aye aye. This is so scary. – Ow! – ahH! AH! AHH! (laughter) – A bug bit me! ;-; (laughter) – Guys, something bit my leg! – Something legit bit my leg! I hate this game! – Do I lose? Does this count? – No (laughter) – It’s like a chain reaction kicked your shoes out it.. (laughter) – Something’s leaking, something’s dripping on my head. (gasp) – I was so close. I was so close! Ah! Like– I’m getting competitive now! – Why does.. why does the world hate me.. OWW (laughter) – Why does the world hate me? – I did it! I don’t like this challenge I have one more yeah one more for my round. Ouch! Laugh Why did you say ouch it hit the thing. No! It hit my head right here! Ow!, Sorry Why do you keep hitting my neck. I’m sorry! I’m getting so mad! I’m so mad. Take my time, aim. oh oh Oh, (Roni making a weird noise) Ah, Ouch! What happened What do you mean, what happened? Don’t touch your dunk hat. Can you see my eyes? It’s all fogged! I need help! Ok is it my turn? I don’t know yeah sure go! My eyebrow was itchy! Ow! my contact That one almost knocked my contact out. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to do that. I deserve this don’t I? I gotta pee! This is the worst game ever! Can I do this, cause I can’t see anything Come on! Meh Ha! One for you, Two for me Okay your turn Ow! Meh, (Laugh) Why? Why? That’s 3. That’s 3. Nessa! Ouch! I am so sorry. I don’t mean to keep hitting you in the head. Oh, it’s my turn. OW! Background: No it’s Roni’s turn No, it’s Nessa’s turn. I’m so sorry oops. I can’t see. Why why I hit it I basically hit it, and didn’t move oh Yeah, I won’t try for the other one Hmm It opened up your thing like it is open. I can’t tell if these are tears or water. I can’t even see! I’m so close. Ah that was such like a weird. Ah Ouch I’ve only gotten you once Water Drips, (Roni Crying Hysterically) Haven’t I gotten hit 5 times? You’ve gotten hit 4. Eh La Technically you’ve gotten hit six times. You’ve gotten been dunked 6 times. I am excepting my fate Oh no Oh, crap. Sorry. Should we move the cameras? Daddy, you dunked it on me laughing laughing all the way in there, I almost fell down So what happened was these things these things right here are like the sprinklers For the backyard and they started to make noise meaning the sprinklers were going to come on. That’s why and Dad was pouring. Water into Roni’s head and you spilled it! And we had to move the camera literally we had to move the cameras to make sure So we need to, so I was like oh no the sprinklers The promise I promise I won’t dump it right on you, I feel really bad because either that It’s either that or the camera? Are you crying? I’m crying. Are you crying?I’m sorry. I’m crying too. I am the worst father ever. Oh woops Nessa okay there I am mad. Do I go? Yes. I’m sorry. My chin. I’m sorry. My cheek. I’m sorry Why can’t you keep getting out? Because it kinda hurts. ouch oh, oh It is hot I’m so sorry I want to protect my face okay, okay? Ah? ah oh I’m so sorry oops. Oh, oh, sorry right in my bun! I’m done. We’re done. We’re done with this game. Yes, okay? Congratulations. You won. Yes. Thank you Let’s be done, please. I don’t want to be dunked anymore So that concludes the dunk hat challenge. I ended up winning I only got you twice. Roni got dunked a total of 8 times When we where really supposed to do five. Are you okay? I don’t know Okay, so that was a lot of fun That was a lot of fun. if you want to buy this game you can buy it at Target or Walmart. Any store near you And that is not sponsored No, that was a lot of fun congratulations. Nessa won a challenge everyone comment Yay Nessa down in the comments and comment #PoorRoni and for real this time #PoorRoni A bug bit me, the sprinklers were about to go off Oh man! Okay, let us know in the comments below what challenges you guys want to see us do next and a couple other videos Be sure to check out the live broadcast are going to be doing on Merrell Twins live channel We’re going to be doing it on Wednesday You can also rewatch the broadcast after it’s uploaded so make sure to look out for that and go subscribe to Merrell Twins Live and subscribe to MoreMerrell we’ve got some videos on there and Thanks for watching If you like this video give it a thumbs up make sure to subscribe to our channel follow us on all of our social Media’s all the links will be in the description below, and we will see you guys next time bye

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