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  1. Thank you soooooooo much for sharing your time at Costume College! I enjoyed the red carpet footage very much. Everyone was gorgeous. Makes me want to get back to sewing….

  2. Very VERY curious about Cathy Hay's high waisted pant at the end of the video when she is leaving for the airport. Where would I find a pattern for something like those?

  3. Wonderful video. Love the thing you did on that walkway outside, very cinematic. Your costume is amazing. You embodied Lady Sherlock, knocked that out of the park.

  4. Such artistry! But… Whats the story with the loooong badge ribbons? Do you earn them, or do different presenter hand them out, or…?

  5. I'm not sure how I've stumbled upon this vlog but I'm ecstatic that I did. I don't know anything about costumes or sewing. I most definitely wasn't aware of a costume convention but I love this group of women. They're so uplifting. They treat one another with such class and it's truly a beautiful thing.

  6. As sweet a coverage of sew-nerd-dom as ever there was. Ms Hay's decorously uses that giant wall placard as a fabric rack– endearing. Madame Noelle, I recommend you study some cane twirling tutorials, very entertaining! Great bit of Watsonian work! Ms Mackenzie's Ace is so lovable– but, I must say I cannot fall in love again, my heart is only so big.
    Extraordinary fun. And– it gets better with each one. "Cons" as a thing are time/energy consuming, often expensive and only last a few days– but the after-effects last the entire year's interval… all the way up to a lifetime.
    Your Masque– barely seen — seemed breathtaking. That touch of blood at the corner of the mouth… my my…

  7. I just came across this vlog… the SECOND I saw Constance’s leather jacket, I knew it was Ace! Love, love, love, ALL OF THIS!!

  8. Cathy Hay. As Gentleman Jack. Surrounded by adoring Regency ladies. Yes, everything is right and perfect with this image.

  9. I love the concept of Costume College but the travel and the sheer scale of the event seems overwhelming, to even think about.

    So, I am encouraged to learn that Cathy and yourself are also introverts and even better still, that you have strategies for making it all bearable e.g. Wearing the base layers of Lady Sherlock, so that you can just add the coat later and side step some of the overwhelm, of redressing into a whole 'costume'.

    As a 43yr old British Autist, I would like to sincerely thank you and Cathy for vlogging about these, very crucial parts of an introvert's life experience ♥️

  10. Yup, as an expat Scotswoman, I love M&S Assam tea and mcVities plain choc digestives. The perfect quiet afternoon tea.
    Constance is an absolute delight. I want to go to Costume College, but how? I’m in NZ! I make very few costumes….. 🤔time to start!

  11. 32:23 these ladies stole my heart with their amazing dresses.
    All the costumes in this video are amazing, but the inner (and not so secret) Marvel fan in me caused me to pause here specifically. The ironman helmet on the hat, the feathers to mimic Thor's helmet, the entire Captain America ensemble… squee
    I love it all.

  12. I am someone who suffers heat a lot. All I am thinking is "how does she walk around California in all those layers and not die of heat stroke…? Can anyone please explain that to me? I understand you can fo from AC to AC, but still, it's California!

  13. I'm not sure how I got sucked into this universe while trying to avoid studying for a grad school final but I'm glad I'm here, and I am absolutely blown away by all the insane talent and craftsmanship in all these creations
    like I'm going to school for my mba (so, business) but I've always enjoyed art to some degree and doing things with my hands but I was always drawn to so many different things, and ultimately ended up choosing this route, but getting to see this kind of this is still very, very cool
    it was also a good reminder to maybe find an artistic hobby of some kind since that's still a part of me in a way but I haven't given it the time of day in a really long time haha

  14. I want to vicariously live though you.
    Your now my idol and one say when i become upper middle class and i can afford tailor clothing. I will wear 1890 to early 1900s clothing.
    Its a period I am drawn to.
    In the mean time I am looking for a long cape. Like the one you wear for daily wear.

  15. I heard crochet mentioned in the fly class u went to…. do u have any information or idea where i might be able to find a pattern…

  16. I always told my sisters I wish there was a cosplay convention for historical costumes and good lord there is one. I want to finish my other dress to see if I can go to this someday.

  17. Bluprint.com has a terrific online ironing course (assuming they still offer the Craftsy courses since they acquired it). My grandmother loved to iron and I've been sewing/ironing for 50+ years but had never even seen some of the tools and techniques in the video course.

  18. you were Such fun to finally meet in person THANK You for being so gracious!!! i have been learning so much from your Vlog!

  19. When i get the skills i need, i will make a regency inspired low shoulder puffy sleeve shirt. That's decided. It will be my dream project for now! Oh wow. Costume college is some major inspiration factory

  20. This whole vlog has been an absolute delight! It made me want to go to Costume College even though I have no idea how to sew. I am a photographer though, so I'd probably show up just to take pictures of so many incredible costumes in one place!

    I absolutely lost it at the Gentleman Jack reveal. It's soooooo good!! I also adored how wonderfully extra your Sherlock trio footage was. Everyone's outfits during the event were wonderful! I'm so in love with your gala dress!

  21. I’ve been binging the whole of your Youtube channel the past week or two, and I must say that I’m in love. You are amazing and have gotten me into wanting to make historical garments of my own. My mother and I are planning on making our own shifts as our first project, and then probably stays next

  22. Excuse me Bernadette, but are you eating okay? Your collar bones are sticking out quite a bit and I can vaguely see where your ribs and sternum meet. I hope you’re okay, you’re just looking a little thinner than healthy

  23. Okay completely random question but what/how/where do you get pants like the first pair we see Cathy in? I’m not sure what even to search to get a pair. They look so cool!

  24. Katie doing her best John "Dolemite" Watson impression on that balcony. LOL More seriously, I've been binge-watching your channel over the Christmas holiday. The craftsmanship is amazing and inspiring. 😀👍

  25. I can't believe I'm only just watching this. You know when things are so beautiful you get teary? The detail on that amazing blue dress at 32:45 has me undone 😍😭

  26. Cathy looks absolutely AMAZING as Anne Lister! I recently did a cosplay of Anne for my local ComicCon, and it is such a power look. The picture with the two Anne's and all the 1830s ladies swooning over them is such a mood!

  27. I have never had much interest in being an event photographer… until now. I would kill to just spend the whole time there just taking random photos of everyone there, you are all so stunning!

  28. I only just recently got into historical sewing and I really want to go to costume college but I'll have to wait until next year so I have time to plan

  29. Cathy as Gentleman Jack is EVERYTHING. I loved that series and would love if there is a second. I have nothing but total respect and admiration for what you ladies do.

  30. You can find Digestives in the USA but they tend to be about $6.00 each!! Compared to the 99pence you can get at Tesco.

  31. referring to underwear I’m wearing these tonight Cathy and I have big plans

    I don’t know who I’m more jealous of Cathy or Bernadette!

    just kidding 🤣

  32. Where did cathy hay get her high waisted suspender pants when Bernadette is explaining they each have their own rooms because they're introverts?

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