Chanel Jersey Les Exclusifs | Simple Amazing Lavender Fragrance

welcome to the channel of fashion meets
fragrance my name is Kevin Samuel and today we get into the Chanel exclusive
line should now Jersey the EDT in like these kind of videos cool go ahead
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livestream update show you voice in love wow wow wow wow
unless you have been living under a bridge somewhere
you’ve heard of Chanel and the additional exclusive line one of the
most difficult lines to actually get your nose on you got to get to a
boutique know somebody that knows somebody or just buy samples really
really difficult Chanel hold their production and distribution tight and I
dig that so when I finally got a chance to smell the exclusive line I was hooked
I said there are several I want to get in Jersey was one of them now there’s a
lot to be said about the EDT which was the previous formulations burst of the
EDP I actually have the OG EDT this fragrance right here is going to be in
my spring wardrobe for a minute because it is a simple simple easy to wear
lavender when I tell you this stuff blew me away being so easy to wear in its
simplicity that’s an understatement and performance
in the performance Wow even more in the top we have grass
and we have some wild flowers and the hearts we have a little bit of Jasmine
lavender and rose I’m not a big lavender fan which you
guys know I love rose in the basically have tonka bean vanilla and musk so
overall I get this aromatic floral fresh spicy musky but now the fragrance that
just works complement factor for me amazing the compliments for this is just
simply amazing a conversation started blows my mind
performance eight hours plus yeah eight hours plus for this light color juice
projection two to three feet Siraj three feet plus the our new beast
mode for this fragrance I am shocked let’s down personnel I see put myself
definitely gonna be a mix between their good guy in there prepster definitely
signature scent worthy I wouldn’t say it’s gonna be their corporate powerhouse
because the lavender the lavender is just not a serious enough note for me to
be in a power suit power tie doing the power thing but this this is easy like
Sunday morning throw this on with a white t-shirt that passes the white
t-shirt test all the way up to a nice suit not your power suit but a good
level to suit if you’ve been on my channel you know what that means
man I can’t say enough good things about this chanel exclusive line I have this
one I had quorum and oh I have Sycamore I have boy there any other ones that you
think I need to put my nose on let me know but these these I’m so happy to
have these and I’m going to be doing my own version of my chanel roundtable kind
of stuff because Chanel it’s more than just a fragrance it’s a frickin event
light as usual don’t just leave it up to me hit us up in the comments section let
us know what do you think about chanel jersey did you like it it’s so cool but
it’s not cool but keep it cool keep it classy and as usual if you like these
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the description it’s up to you you only have 7 seconds to make the great first
impression you might as well make sure you knock it out of the park kind of has
a strange laundry detergent cleanliness thing happening with it I can come as
the strange laundry detergent kind of cleanliness thing happening to it and I
honestly never would have thought I’d want to smell like some freakin laundry
detergent whoa yeah we Jersey next up that one Oh frame is battle

14 Replies to “Chanel Jersey Les Exclusifs | Simple Amazing Lavender Fragrance”

  1. Hey Kevin l'm getting more interested in fragrances and l'm curious, how do you get your hands on Chanel Exclusifs? Also for people with sensitive skin what advice would you give when applying fragrances? Great Video!

  2. Sounds sooo attractive and alluring, I love lavender and the soft impression of it. Not the sharp synthetic one. Great review Kevin!

  3. I was in Bloomys in Manhattan on 3rd ave yesterday picking up Chanel Allure Homme edition Blanche, and decided to try the "Exclusifs" line. I have to say that my favs were Eau De Cologne, Sycomore and Jersey… All solid but these stuck out to me most. Keep up with the great content!

  4. I'm a 20 year old guy and I love to wear Chanel 1932; the EDP. How about doing a review on it? I get A LOT of compliments through wearing it; it's a great projecting and comforting scent. Some say it's too feminine but I disagree. It has woody notes in it which make it suitable for men and women. 🙂

  5. I love jersey. Perfect lavender and minus the acne medication aspect which is great. I don’t like “Boy” it’s boring to me

  6. All those you have from les exclusifs are also my choice.Phenomenal,extremly classy scents.Jersey is fantastic,reminds me of some era gone by,but so classy nowadays.Definitely a step above of todays mass appealing "blue" scents.This has nothing to do with them.For more sophisticated and refined tastes.This is not for "kids".

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