Best Friend Vs. Professional Stylist: Night Look Challenge

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  1. The stylist own style doesn’t seem to be anything special. I mean it’s not bad but it’s isn’t particularly trendy, showing personality, flattering or otherwise special. It’s mostly just a normal day wear for a job but if you are a stylist in a video I would expect something different.

  2. Why do people wear such ridiculous clothes nowadays… don’t get it. And I’m 19 lol. My word does she look ridiculous with those bleached eyebrows and hair. Just so totally wrong. Same with the nails, they’re gross. And the sunglasses. Puke.

  3. Okay no offence to the stylist but how did she get it so wrong . Not a flattering look and not Jazz at all . Lindsey killed it !

  4. You could see from the beginning the skill of the professional stylist. Like I had a feeling she would pull it together better, or just provide something with an extra edge. With picking outfits it's those little details that help you pick off the rack what is gonna work, and I'm just gonna quietly applaud her trained eye

  5. Is this video about Jazz' blonde eyebrows or the process of picking a outfit for her? Can't tell because of the comments

  6. I'm sorry and not being offensive but isn't that much fat on your body bad for you?with many plus size shops popping up, isn't this gonna be detrimental to men and women?

  7. yeah, i bleached my eyebrows once too. It's the kind of thing you think is going to be a great idea but it never turns out how you'd hoped

  8. I never even realised how important eyebrows are and how much they can really change your face. I didnt even recognise Jazz in the thumbnail

  9. dude even if she didn’t have eyebrows, nobody came for jenna marbles when she shaved her eyebrows!! cool your jets!

  10. It's amazing how much eyebrows can change the way the whole face looks. Jazz looks SOO different with bleached eyebrows.

  11. Wow that’s crazy I dzidn’t even notice the brow too focused on how cute her fit is today. We stan a comfy sexy Queen!

  12. I’m kinda disappointed w the stylist outfit like it was good but wasn’t quite as jazz as some of the other stuff she had shown

  13. A plus size thrift store ❤️! So simple, so necessary, so dope! Someone open a plus size thrift store in Berlin, please!!!

  14. To be honest i liked Lindsey's pick more. It's very fun. I love the pink earrings together with the bag. Like overall she really did a great job

  15. I was really thrown off by Jazz's bleached brows. I know its her body and she can do with it as she pleases, but I've never found bleached eyebrows on ANYONE attractive. But my opinion doesn't matter so just keep doing you Jazz !

  16. Lindsay’s bob look great😍 I’m still waiting for the day she’ll try a side part. I think she would look good with it.

  17. Uhh she picks very flattering clothes for herself but these two showcase her stomach in a weird way… Both failed imo

  18. The stylists option is quite terrible. The boots look ok, they are impossible to screw up though. But otherwise…

    (Didn’t love the blue outfit that much either. Too long dress. But awesome earrings)

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