Barbie Etsy Haul: Doll Clothes, Accessories & More! #5

hey I’m Kelsey welcome to everything
dolls today we’re doing another Etsy haul so let’s get started! The first
thing I got are these clothes from ShanDollsFashion I have two of these turtleneck body suits so this one is blue and purple pastel it almost has
kind of a watercolor effect and this one is purple these are white overalls which
you can layer with the turtleneck underneath I think this looks so cute
and this is what the outfit looks like on a doll! both of these are from one of
my favorite Etsy shops I showed them a couple of times in my hauls these are
from Haunt Couture so a lot of the clothes that I have are wintery Christmasy
themed oh my gosh all this stuff is so pretty let’s start with this one first
so this outfit goes together I believe they called it snow bunny I did buy all
of these pieces separately this is the top it’s white and it has a pink
holographic little bow the skirt has a mermaid
scale pattern on it it is also kind of holographic glittery so cute and then
here is the vest it’s pastel yellow blue and pink here is the whole outfit with
the vest on so cute and then we also have these little
earmuffs little pom-pom earmuffs so pretty here is the entire outfit with
the vest on my doll I’ll also show you guys what it looks like without the vest
so gorgeous this is a two-piece plaid coat and skirt
this is another wintery kind of outfit besides the skirts okay I do not
personally wear skirts in the wintertime but my dolls they’re plastic isn’t gonna
freeze this outfit is two pieces so we have a
top and a skirt it is a purplish red color I have bought a few other outfits
similar to this and I really love them so I wanted to get this one too this
outfit is similar to except the top is a little bit different I really like these
clasps this one is rose gold which I love and the skirt has sequins and the
last item I got from this shop is Santa themed so this is two pieces it also
came with this black belt here is the top so it is very Santa Claus mrs. Claus
and here are the matching red pants these dog clothes are from the cuckoo
shop I bought a couple of sweaters so here’s the first one it’s pink bluish
green and yellow it also has little bows and pom-poms on the sleeves I love this
color it also has a nice little glittery sparkle to it here is the other sweater
it has a really pretty Christmas tree right in the middle with some bead
ornaments it’s white red and green and then I got these pants which match this
Christmas sweater so these are green regular pants and they are very nice all
of this is from a shop called hello cool cat basically I bought multiples of
these black and white shirts I do have a reason for this though I’m filming a
stop-motion and I’m going to be using all of these shirts these two shirts are
made for pull up dolls which also fit in Barbies and then these are made for
Taeyang dolls they also fit Ken I’ve actually been using these and a few
other products from Hello cool cats anything Taeyang sized for my BTS dolls
the last clothing items in the cart are from Bella doll store
this is a Mickey printed top I love all of his different expressions this is so
cute this is a mermaid scale swimsuit it’s blue purple and pink this shop is
another one of my favorites I feel like however they print on the
clothes it’s just so high-quality next I got these Christmas presents from a shop
called Bijou dolls house shop here’s present number one number two number
three number four number five and number six which is a little gift bag that says
Merry Christmas this is from an Etsy shop called tiny naturals this is a 1/6
scale farmhouse Christmas window decoration it says home in black it has
little plants in here and I just think this looks very Christmassy the seller
also included these as a bonus these are tiny little presents this is from a
mural felt this is a little black Pomeranian so my dog in real life is
named Lily and she looks a lot like her so I wanted to have a dog for my
stop-motion that looked similar or almost exactly like my dog I love this
little heart collar they put on her too the last things for this haul that I
have are furniture pieces and I bought them from a shop called dolls delight I
needed some furniture for my stop-motion that kind of looks similar to what was
at my grandparents house so I got this couch everything is made out of wood
it’s really good quality I also got a chair a side table and my grandparents
actually had something that looked exactly like this and I got this shelf
which looks like something my grandpa built in their house so this is perfect
one last thing I got these Christmas pillows from the same shop and I’m going
to put these on the ouch and share so that’s my Etsy haul
for today if you want to see any of my other Etsy hauls I’ll leave a link in
the i card thanks for watching and I’ll see you in my next video bye!

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